Amateur Radio

  • Publications of historical importance rescued from obscurity and posted on the web for the benefit of all hamkind.

  • James Millen and the National Company: historic publications. 

  • G-E Ham News: This link leads to the complete set, every single issue, of G-E Ham News. 

The online collection includes seven issues that are referenced in my article, "Crystal Radio to the Rescue" that appeared in the January, 2010, issue of The AWA Journal.  That particular article describes "Operation Crystal," a competition sponsored by the General Electric Electronic Tube Division for amateurs to develop creative crystal set receivers that could be used during a time of national disaster that shut down the commercial power grid.  It may be humorous now, but in 1955 the fear of nuclear Armageddon was very real. 

  • G-E Sideband Handbook: The Sideband Handbook is an anthology of G-E Ham News articles pertaining to single sideband (SSB) and double sideband (DSB) transmission and reception for the amateur radio service. In addition to the Ham News reprinted materials, this anthology contains updates, corrections, and entirely new supplementary materials.

  • RCA Ham Tips: This link leads to a large collection of the amazing publication from RCA. The first volume appeared in September, 1938; and the last issue in this collection is from August, 1970.

  • Semiconductor Document Library: This is a collection of publications, primarily aimed at hobbyists, that introduced semiconductors to electronics enthusiasts. 

  • An account of the 17,820 miles-per-watt QSO achieved by L. G. Windom, 8GZ, in 1926 and winning for him the Jewell Watch Award.  This article, "Those Who Have Gone Before ... A Challenge" by C. F. Rockey, W9SCH,  appeared in The Milliwatt: National Journal of QRPp, Volume 1, Number 3, June 1970.  Thanks go to Jim Hill, W6IVW, for scanning the original and generously making this available. 

  • I came across a gutted Allied Knight T-60 transmitter along with its manual, which was in a pretty ratty state of condition. So I scanned it. Here 'tis, high-res: Knight T-60 Transmitter Assembly Manual

  • The early QST cover illustrations are amazing works of art.  Here's a collection of covers from the 1920s. QST cover gallery

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