James Millen and the National Company

No admirer of engineering excellence can fail to be impressed with the work of James Millen and his colleagues at both the National Company and at James Millen, Inc.

Notes on Amateur Radio Transmitter Design

Compiled by James Millen

Published by James Millen, Inc., 1938

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Radio Design Practice

An Idea Book for Engineers, Experimenters, and Designers of Radio and Associated Equipment

Edited by James Millen with drawings by M. B. Sleeper*

Published by James Millen Company, 1935

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*Milton Blake Sleeper was not merely the graphic artist.  M. B. Sleeper was a noted author and  radio designer of his own merit.  He designed the Pilot Wasp receiver, collaborated with R. S. Kruse, authored numerous radio books, including, Design Data for Radio Transmitters and Receivers, Radio Phone and Telegraph Receivers for Beginners, Radio Hook-Ups, How To Make Commercial Type Radio Apparatus, and Construction of New Type Transatlantic Receiving Sets all in the 1920s.  He was also radio editor of Everyday Engineering and originated the plan for what became the successful 1921 transatlantic test conducted by Paul Godley.  Sleeper continued to design radios right into the 1950s.

National Radio Products 1947

James Millen had long ago left National Company by 1947.  Still, as this catalogue shows, his legacy remained.  This publication shows the National product line at what was probably its post-war peak. 

It has listings for components like their famous micrometer dials, precision worm drives, condensers, chokes, and coil forms but also for their radios: HRO-5A1, NC-173, NC-2-40D, NC-46, HRO-5C, 1-10A, along with their CRU oscilloscope. 

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