Franklin Delano Roosevelt's Little White House,

in Warm Springs, Georgia

In 1932, while running for President, FDR built a vacation home in Warm Springs, Georgia. Warm Springs, as the name implies, is the site of naturally occurring hot springs. Roosevelt founded the Warm Springs Institute to provide therapeutic relief for victims of polio. These photographs were made in August, 2008.

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Exterior views of FDR's Warm Springs cottage, The Little White House.  The anchor door knocker introduces the nautical theme styled throughout the home.                   
The dining room.  
This is a view of the living room and is where FDR was sitting for a portrait by the artist Elizabeth Shoumatoff when he had a stroke on 12 April 1945.  The famous "Unfinished Portrait" is in a separate gallery at the Little White House museum. 
Roosevelt's bedroom at the Little White House.  FDR's bedroom is adjacent to the dining room.  This is where he died after suffering a stroke.      
FDR suffered from polio and although he could stand with assistance, he was largely confined to a wheelchair. 
The servant quarters at Roosevelt's Little White House.
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