Colonial Williamsburg (259 images)
These photographs were made at Colonial Williamsburg, VA, in April 2007. They may be freely used for educational and nonprofit purposes. Please contact me to use for any other use.

If you require even higher resolution images than the links here, please contact me.

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The photos on this page are largely self-explanatory if you're looking for images of Colonial Williamsburg; however, the indexing engines of the search data bases seem to do better with text display on the page (as opposed to that buried in META tags).  So here are a bunch of key words that might get this web page to appear more reliably: Colonial America, Colonial Williamsburg, revolution, Virginia, Raleigh Tavern, blacksmith, horse, slave, slavery, burgess, shoemaker, carpenter, book binder, silversmith, gunsmith, fife, drum, militia, musket, flintlock, tanner, cooper, weaver, windmill, sawyer, wheelwright, harpsichord, brick making, brick maker, House of Burgesses, William Randolph, Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, Wetherburn Tavern, cabinetmaker, Christopher Wren Building, William and Mary College, Bruton Parish Church, tar and feather, Apothecary shop, Duke of Gloucester Street .

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